The most important Christian celebrations, learn all about them

Christian celebrations

Religions have been part of human life since the very beginning of our existence, they fulfill the human need for spirituality, for the answers of basic questions and the need to believe in something or someone higher something powerful that can give meaning to everything and that controls everything and every incident in order to achieve a greater purpose.

There were, and there are, many religions, all of them defining our behavior, with promises of rewards if we do good things, and/or threats of punishments if we do bad things, the priests also transmit orders from gods telling us what to do and what is forbidden.



Christianity is one of the largest and most popular religions, it started with Jesus Christ, he allegedly was born 2018 years ago, and then, for Christians, years count was reset and the year of his birth became year 0.

This religion is based in life, teachings and work of Jesus of Nazareth, better known as Jesus Christ, in one of holy books of Judaism, it was prophesied that Chris or the Messiah would come to us, the record of his live and work is recorded in the gospels.


Most important Christian celebrations

Because Christianity is all about Jesus Christ, its holidays are days which celebrate episodes of his life, and the most important are:

  • Advent season, is a four week season to prepare for Christmas.
  • Christmas, celebrates the birth of Jesus, this is a very important date because marks the beginning of his life, the incarnation of God and last 12 days, the last day (on January 6th) is celebrated the epiphany which recalls the visit of three Wise Kings to baby Jesus.
  • During Christmas days is usual to decorate our houses, and having a company to help us to have a beautiful thematic landscape in our yard like a pro could be a great idea.
  • Lent, is the preparation time for the Holy Week, it begins with Ash Wedesney just after Carnival or Mardi Gras.
  • Holy Week, it recalls the last week in Christ’s life, it begins with Palm Sunday and comprehends Good Friday (the date of his death).
  • Easter, is the last day of the Holy Week, but deserves a separate mention due its importance, this celebration is the base of Christianity because recalls when the Divine nature of Jesus allowed him to defeat death and comes to life. It is celebrated with eggs because they means new life.
  • Ascension Thursday, recalls the day Jesus physically ascended to Heaven.
  • Pentecost Sunday, celebrates when Holy Spirit descended to our world as a gift for Christ’s Apostles and Disciples.
  • Saint’s days, those are official days recognized for some Christians celebrating life of holy persons.
  • All Saints Day, is a holiday which honors all Christian Saints, just after Halloween.